Base curve
3 - 6
Oxygen transmissibility
128 - 160

Biofinity contact lenses

Biofinity contact lenses from CooperVision are ideal for extended wear. The high oxygen permeability of these lenses means they can be worn continuously for several days, around the clock, without dry eye or discomfort. These lenses employ CooperVision’s patented Aquaform technology to maintain moisture levels and increase the sense of freedom and comfort for all who use them. Biofinity lenses are very soft, but are easy to remove due to the faint blue tint that helps you identify the lens when in the eye or in storage. Biofinity contact lenses offer a wide diopter range (from +8.00 to -12.00), so most people can experience the exceptional comfort these lenses can provide. Oxygen permeability of these lenses is extremely high (160D/t) and they have a water content of 48 per cent. These parameters make Biofinity contact lens especially suitable for longer term wear.