Base curve
Wearing duration
UV filter
6 - 30
Oxygen transmissibility
17 - 28
3 pcs product

Biomedics contact lenses

Biomedics contact lenses from CooperVision include many recent developments in contact lens technology. Pioneering materials developments and innovative design result in remarkable lens comfort and safety. Among other features, the special rounded edges to these lenses give better visual sharpness and enhance the eye's natural moisture. The exceptionally smooth surface of the lenses restricts formation of bacteria-producing deposits. And all lenses in the Biomedics product family include UV protection. The popular Biomedics 55 is designed for 1 – 2 weeks use with nightly removal. Biomedics Toric lenses for astigmatism are also intended for replacement after 1 – 2 weeks. Biomedics 1 Day and 1 Day Toric lenses are daily disposable lenses that remain fresh and moist all day. Biofinity contact lenses are a popular choice at eOptika.