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2 pcs product

Focus contact lenses

Focus is one of the best-selling product lines to come from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision). The Focus brand has a broad range (Focus Dailies, Focus Monthly, Focus Progressives and Focus Toric) so that anyone can experience the superior comfort these lenses provide. Currently eOptika offers two types of Focus Dailies lenses. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are daily disposable lenses that provide all the benefits of daily use. A high degree of comfort is maintained throughout the day making the lenses feel unnoticeable to the wearer. No cleaning is necessary, simply insert in the morning and at night throw into the trash. Every day fresh, clean lenses are available without the risk of accumulated deposits compromising hygiene. Focus Dailies Toric All Day Comfort lenses are similar to Focus Dailies but designed for astigmatic users. Precision manufacturing makes Focus Dailies Toric an ideal solution for those with astigmatism who want the convenience of daily disposable lenses.