Wearing duration
2 - 10
Oxygen transmissibility
22 - 26
Water content
55 - 69

Freshlook contact lenses

Freshlook from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) are world leaders in colored contact lenses. eOptika offer you five different types of Freshlook lenses, so everyone can find the perfect choice. Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses are slightly tinted to give a natural, unobtrusive way to change eye color. Freshlook Colors lenses offer a deeper tone that completely changes the original color, so any color choice is possible. Freshlook Dimension contact lenses are designed to be bright-eyed, providing a bolder appearance and unique depths, which will dazzle everyone. Freshlook Radiance lenses are the latest in the product line offering a natural pearl effect, which magically makes your eyes sparkle. All Freshlook contact lens can be used daily for up to one month before replacement. Alcon Freshlook lenses are made from the finest quality materials with high oxygen permeability to ensure all-day comfort.