Base curve
Oxygen transmissibility
102 - 131
5 pcs product

PureVision contact lenses

PureVision contact lenses by Bausch + Lomb are made from the latest silicone hydrogel AerGel material. The lenses deliver high oxygen permeability throughout the day to provide continuous comfort for the wearer. The PureVision AerGel material is designed to repel debris adhering to the lens, while remaining soft and moist all day. In contrast to high water content lenses, PureVision will not interfere with the natural pH balance of the eye. Thanks to the high-definition aspherical design, these lenses will lie perfectly in the eye and deliver exceptional vision. The PureVision contact lenses family also includes PureVision Toric lenses for those with astigmatism, and PureVision Multi-Focal to address nearsightedness or farsightedness. eOptika PureVision contact lenses are at unbeatable prices, so nothing can prevent you from experiencing the high degree of freedom these lenses offer.