Base curve
Wearing duration
6 - 30
Oxygen transmissibility
8 - 32
Water content
38 - 66

Soflens contact lenses

"Bausch + Lomb SofLens are one of this manufacturer’s hallmark brands. Soflens offers all-day comfort with exceptionally clear vision, especially at night. High definition optics help reduce blurriness and glare in all conditions, including low light. The exceptional thinness of these lenses also makes them feel very natural. Soflens offers Daily Disposable lenses to provide ultimate convenience for the active individual. These lenses deliver crisp vision in all conditions and include slow release moisture technology to keep your lenses comfortable to the end of the day. Daily Disposable are also recommended for those who only occasionally need contact lenses to replace glasses such as for sports, the disco, or driving. SofLens 59 are monthly disposable lenses known for their protein resistant material, which ensures clarity of vision throughout the day. The lenses have a high water content (59%), which makes them ideal for those needing to keep their eyes open for long periods such as at computer work. SofLens 38 is a daily disposable or extended wear (up to seven days) lens with ultra-thin design, good oxygen transmission, and low water content. It is recommended to correct short or long sightedness. Also available from eOptika are SofLens Toric lenses for astigmatism and SofLens Multi Focal for presbyopia. Choose any SofLens product at eOptika at unbeatable prices! "