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Order contact lenses online! Do you like quick and simple solutions?

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. From the comfort of our homes, we can acquire the necessary items, often for a fraction of the in-store price, whether it's food, electronics, clothing, or anything else. Why should contact lenses be any different? Ordering contact lenses is just as easy and fast as any other online purchase. The important thing is to order from a reliable source and to stick with your tried-and-true lenses. If you wish to switch, first consult with your specialist!

Buying contact lenses cheaper?

Indeed, online shopping is often the cheapest solution, as many costs can be saved by operating an online store, compared to traditional shops. As a result, contact lens prices can be much more favorable. By ordering contact lenses online, you can save time, money, and energy.

We offer guaranteed original products from the largest contact lens manufacturers. 80% of our orders are fulfilled from our own stock.

Is online ordering of contact lenses safe?

Of course, as you can choose from the same well-known brands as you would in person at a store: Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, PureVision, SofLens, Biomedics, Dailies, Proclear, and the list goes on. Not only are contact lens prices more favorable in this way, but we do not have to compromise on quality either. If you are an experienced lens wearer and are aware of your diopter and curvature values, you can shop online safely and confidently. However, it is advisable to consult with a specialist and receive training before your first contact lens purchase! All signs indicate that the world of optics is also being conquered by online shopping, give it a try yourself!

How do contact lenses work?

Contact lenses are a comfortable, easily accessible vision correction tool that is increasingly chosen by those who prefer not to wear glasses. Like glasses, contact lenses are designed to correct the eye's refractive error and thus provide sharp vision.

Adhering to the surface of the eye and moving with the eyeball, they help the eyes in focusing. There are >a href="/contact-lenses/normal-spherical-contact-lenses" target="_blank" rel="noopener">spherical contact lenses available, toric contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses, >a href="/contact-lenses/multifocal-contact-lenses" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> multifocal contact lenses, and even colored versions, which can be requested without diopters.

Based on the wearing time, we differentiate between daily contact lenses, biweekly contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, 3-month and annual wear types of contact lenses. Which type is ideal for you will be determined by your specialist.

Contact Lens Types - What's the difference between soft and hard types?

The first contact lenses were made of glass 100 years ago, then from special plastics, and to this day there are so-called rigid, hard forms. These types are now rarely recommended, for example, in cases of high astigmatism. Today's most modern, soft contact lenses are made of a material called silicone hydrogel, which makes wearing contact lenses much more comfortable than their predecessors. Their wear is practically unnoticeable, and they can remain in the eye all day without causing irritation. Which contact lenses are recommended for someone is determined by a specialist during an examination.

Contact Lens Order - What additional products do you need to buy?

The first contact lens is prescribed by a specialist who, along with an eye examination, determines the degree of diopter, curvature, and in some cases cylinder. With this data in hand, ordering contact lenses is a simple process. It may happen that the two eyes have different diopters, in which case both values must be specified during the order. For wearing contact lenses, a high-quality cleaning solution is required, as well as a contact lens storage case. The latter is usually found in the box of the cleaning solution. In addition, it can be very helpful to always have on hand an eye drop that can also be used on contact lenses, which can refresh the eyes in an instant if needed. If you are not sure which cleaning solution or eye drops to choose for your contact lenses, feel free to turn to our customer service team!

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