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Versace - The Fashion Brand

The Versace brand was founded by Gianni Versace, who was previously an Italian fashion and costume designer. Versace designed clothes for numerous musical performers, including Elton John's stage and album cover costumes in 1992 and Michael Jackson's outfits. Versace also designed clothes for the Princess of Wales and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Versace sunglasses

Versace Icons


Greek mythology elements greatly influenced the design elements of Versace products. One of the brand's most distinctive style features is the Greek Medusa, who was considered the most beautiful woman in Athens. According to legend, anyone who looked into Medusa's eyes turned to stone. This anecdote inspired the famous logo design of the Versace brand, which can still be found on most women's and men's sunglasses models to this day. Additionally, every Versace product proudly bears this logo.

Versace Medusa Biggie

Gianni chose the figure of Medusa because he believed that his fashion company would have the same impact on people as Medusa had on men. Once someone falls in love, they cannot escape.

This is why the most famous Versace sunglasses include models like the Versace Medusa Biggie, Versace Medusa Halo, or the Versace Glam Medusa, Versace Medusa Crystal.


The Barocco leaf symbolizes long life and immortality. The symbol was inspired by Greek architecture and decoration. Rich golden tones and ornate details characterize it.

Versace sunglasses VE2150Q


The Virtus icon was inspired by a Roman military commander. Virtus symbolizes strength, courage, and excellence. The V alluding to Virtus is a reinterpretation of the iconic Barocco leaves in terms of pattern.

Versace sunglasses VE4383


The Greca pattern, also inspired by Greek mythology, is one of the most distinctive patterns. This geometric shape, an uninterrupted line, symbolizes infinity and unity. It adorned many Greek temples, labyrinths, buildings, and ceramic decorative elements.

Versace Greca

The Safety Pin

The safety pin element was a very unexpected appearance on Versace products, but this accessory also became one of the brand's famous icons. Over time, the Versace safety pin has become an iconic status symbol. This brand icon also appears in every collection.

Versace safety pin

The international fashion house Versace worked with famous models in the early days, such as Linda Evangelista, Christi Turlington, Naomi Cambell, Cindy Crawford. The current leader of the Versace brand is Donatella Versace. In addition to the Versace sunglasses and glasses collections, let's not forget one of the brand's most famous garments, the Versace Jungle dress model worn by Jennifer Lopez.

Versace Women's Sunglasses Collection

Each year, the pieces of the Versace women's sunglasses collection follow fashion trends and are designed accordingly to have a unique style. A Versace sunglasses reflect style and elegance, so the brand's shapes and decorative elements are recognizable in every product. Discover our full Versace women's sunglasses selection.

Iconic style features can be found on Versace women's sunglasses models every season. Versace sunglasses can be made of both plastic and metal. They are a perfect choice if you love striking and standout styles.

Men's Versace Sunglasses

Versace men's sunglasses products always reflect elegance and luxury. Among Versace men's products, you can also find Versace Medusa, Versace Greca models.

Among Versace men's sunglasses, you can find gold, gray, and black sunglasses.

Versace Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

The lenses found in polarized sunglasses models filter horizontally incoming dazzling light, such as light reflecting from water, land, and various surfaces, reducing glare. Thanks to this, the lens provides a much better viewing experience.

Versace Glasses

In addition to the beautiful and luxurious Versace sunglasses collection, discover our Versace glasses selection as well. Among the wide range of women's glasses and men's glasses products, everyone can find the perfect glasses piece.

Versace fashion glasses

The products can be purchased with the help of online glasses try-on.

What Sunglasses Frame Shape to Choose?

When it comes to the frame shape of sunglasses, it's worth considering what purpose we want to use them for. For everyday use, we can choose from smaller shapes, classic ones, or even extremely large sunglasses.

It's important to choose a frame that is most comfortable for us and fits our face well. It's preferable to choose sunglasses sizes that cover the areas around our eyes as much as possible.

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