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Polaroid is one of the most popular and long-established brands of eyeglass frames and sunglasses in our country. Their products combine fun, modern shapes with quality and fashion. Their sunglass models have also become famous as leading brands of polarized lenses.

In our webstore's wide range, you can find retro-inspired Polaroid aviator sunglasses, exciting cat-eye sunglasses, traditional round sunglasses, as well as cleaner, modern square, rectangle, and square-shaped sunglass models. Oval and rounded rim models complete the selection, ensuring everyone can find the Polaroid sunglasses that best fit their face shape and style.

Polaroid Sunglasses

The Polarized Lens

Polaroid became famous for inventing the polarized material used in the manufacturing of glasses and lenses. But what exactly does polarization mean, and why are Polaroid sunglasses good?

Polarized sunglasses were first made by Edwin H. Land, who invented the polarizing material that can also be applied to sunglass lenses, thus turning the lens and the sunglasses into polarized ones.

Polarized sunglasses with polarized material filter out horizontally arriving blinding light rays, such as light reflecting off water, ground, and various surfaces, and only allow vertically oriented light beams to pass through. They also reduce glare, thus providing a much better visual experience. Especially good for sports, driving, walking, or simply for those with especially light-sensitive eyes.

Polaroid Women's Sunglasses Collection

In the Polaroid Women's Sunglasses collection, you can find both modern and classic pieces. Choose from black, brown, grey, and other color combinations and order your favorite women's Polaroid sunglasses.

Polaroid Men's Sunglasses Selection

In our online store and optical store, you won't be disappointed with the Polaroid Men's Sunglasses selection. Polaroid men's sunglasses models follow the latest trends every season, so everyone can find their favorite sunglasses according to their needs.

Polaroid Children's Sunglasses Sale

Sunglasses for all ages! Alongside Polaroid women's and men's sunglasses, our range includes Polaroid Children's Sunglasses models. Let's take care of children's eyes in every season.

Polarized Sunglasses at eOpticians

In our optical store and online store, we welcome you with a special Polaroid Women's Sunglasses sale. We only sell original products, and we guarantee their authenticity. Choose from Polaroid children's sunglasses and Polaroid men's sunglasses prices and offers.

Polaroid Glasses

Choose from the latest Polaroid Glasses collection pieces. Discover modern and youthful women's glasses and men's glasses styles and buy your favorite glasses.

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