Use of contact lens solution

Nowadays, so-called ""all in one"" contact lens solutions have become widespread, which have the function of disinfecting contact lenses and removing protein, and other pollutants. Lenses should only be cleaned with special cleaning solution. The use of water or any other liquid instead of contact lens solution is prohibited as sterility is very important. Various bacteria can be found in water, and chlorine destroys the lenses. Saline solutions available in different drugstores are not suitable for cleaning contact lenses, so using them could risk the integrity of your eyes, and improper cleaning can damage the lens. We recommend that you seek the advice of your specialist to find out which contact lens solution is best suited for your lenses. If cleaned properly, you can achieve perfect comfort and use the full wearing time of the contact lenses.

Featured care solution brands:

eOpticians' online selection includes numerous brands and packages of solutions.

ReNu Multiplus - also for sensitive eyes

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb's ReNu brand multifunctional cleaning solutions, which are suitable for the care of all soft contact lenses!

Bausch & Lomb's ReNu contact lens solution is available online in two versions:

ReNu Multiplus contact lens solution, featuring Hydranate technology, a popular care product that hydrates, cleans, disinfects. It is also excellent for daily rinsing and storage of lenses. You can find it in several economical sizes at eOpticians:

ReNu Multiplus 60 ml, ReNu Multiplus 360 ml

Every morning, gently rub and rinse your soft contact lens with ReNu contact lens solution for comfortable wear and a fresh look!

ReNu MPS contact lens solution

An ideal choice for those with sensitive, easily irritated, and redness-prone eyes. A multipurpose care solution that gently cleans, cares, moisturizes, and soothes the eyes. It removes proteins and pollutants that accumulate during all-day use, hydrates, and makes wearing contact lenses comfortable, even for up to 16 hours.

OPTI FREE care product range:

""No two eyes are the same, no two needs are the same"" - with this realization in mind, Alcon created three versions of the OPTI FREE contact lens solution, which can be found in's webshop:

  • OPTI FREE Replenish contact lens solution - which restores the surface of the contact lens to ensure its proper hydration. Thanks to its TearGlyde system, it keeps the eyes moist in a way similar to human tears, all day long. Choose the economical OPTI FREE Replenish (300 ml), contact lens solution with a case
  • OPTI FREE PureMoist contact lens solution - a multifunctional disinfectant solution with HydraGlyde moisturizing matrix for moisture and comfort that lasts up to 16 hours, and Polyquad and Aldox technologies to fight against infections caused by microorganisms. OPTI FREE PureMoist (90 ml), OPTI FREE PureMoist (300 ml)
  • OPTI FREE Express contact lens solution - With Poloxamine, which uniquely provides a moisturizing environment for the contact lens surface, and its dual formula helps fight against the colonization of pathogens on the contact lens. OPTI FREE express (120 ml), OPTI FREE Express (355 ml)

All in one light multifunctional solution

CooperVision's All in one Light solution can be used for all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. It has cleaning, disinfecting, moisturizing, lubricating, rinsing functions and removes deposits. In our selection, you can find the product in several sizes. Look for the economical All in one light 360 ml size

BioTrue contact lens solution

One of the most popular products from manufacturer Bausch & Lomb is the Biotrue contact lens solution. A care solution for soft contact lenses, primarily recommended for silicone hydrogel lenses.

Types of contact lens solutions

Protein dissolving solutions

Multifunctional solutions for hard lenses

Multifunctional solutions for soft lenses

Peroxide solutions

Saline solution

Express Cleaning, Disinfecting

Best online purchase of contact lens solutions

Choose online from a selection of appropriate cleaning and disinfecting solutions for contact lenses. Before adding a product to the basket, make sure that the selected product is suitable for the contact lenses you wear. The search in our webshop is simple. To ensure the right care product is in your basket, we recommend that you read the descriptions of the products, which contain all important information. For example, the list of solution ingredients. This can be important to avoid eye irritation. Checking the ingredients is particularly important when buying drugstore contact lens solution. Such a contact lens solution may be favorably priced, but it may not be the right choice for the lens you wear. Always choose the appropriate care solution for your soft or hard lenses.

Contact lens solution promotions

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Contact lenses and care solutions in eOpticians' range

For contact lens wear, a high-quality contact lens cleaning solution is required, as well as a contact lens storage case. The latter is usually found in the box of the cleaning solution. Contact lenses must always be maintained, thanks to which the lens retains its cleanliness and flexibility.

Reliable cleaning solutions for lens care

On the contact lens solution palette in our webshop, you will find all the necessary products essential for perfect lens care. Our products are available in several sizes. Choose the right product from the 100 ml, 300 ml, 360 ml sizes or multipacks.

In addition, it can be very helpful to always have an eye drop on hand, which can refresh the eyes in an instant if needed. In eOpticians' range, you can also find a selection of eye drops suitable for use with contact lenses.

If you are not sure which cleaning solution or eye drops to use with your contact lenses, feel free to turn to our customer service team!