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Eye drops for contact lens wearers

When wearing contact lenses, it's important that the lens "floats" on an adequate quality and quantity of tear film on the eye surface. If this doesn't happen, the lens can rub against the corneal surface, which, apart from causing a foreign body sensation or possibly sharp pain, can also provide a pathway for pathogens due to the tiny injuries caused; this can lead to severe corneal inflammation. The aforementioned rubbing can irritate the eye surface, causing inflammatory cells to flow in and potentially leading to chronic inflammation.

Eye drops

Eye drops

Our range includes both preservative-free eye drops and eye drops containing preservatives. Using the filter function on our website, everyone can find the perfect product for themselves. For contact lens wearers, we recommend our selection of eye drops suitable for use with contact lenses.

Visol intensive artificial tears

Eye irritation when wearing contact lenses

Today's modern contact lenses are made from breathable materials that rarely irritate the eyes. They are capable of keeping the eyes moist for a long time, thus reducing the risk of dry eyes as well.

Nevertheless, it is recommended for contact lens wearers to use the appropriate eye drops, which can instantly replenish moisture if necessary.

Eye drops for dry eyes

Contact lenses typically cause increased inflammation in the eyes if they become contaminated or are worn for too long. Always ensure that lens use follows proper hygienic practices and that they are not worn beyond the recommended period. Therefore, with daily or monthly contact lens wear, be particularly careful to adhere to the wearing time. In the case of red eyes, the use of contact lenses is not recommended; please consult an ophthalmologist first.

Systane Ultra preservative-free eye drops for contact lens wearers

A well-chosen eye drop provides immediate and long-lasting relief, aids the restoration of the tear film, reduces foreign body sensation, lessens burning sensation, and reduces evaporation of the water layer. It is advised to read the instructions for proper use before use.

Choose from our selection of eye drops that can also be used with contact lenses and get your favorite product.

Eye drops for dry eyes

Eye drops for treating dry eyes

The syndrom of dry eyes is a common ophthalmic condition that significantly affects quality of life due to its impact on visual acuity and the sensation of discomfort it causes. It can affect all age groups, thereby endangering the results of corneal, cataract and vision-correcting (refractive) surgeries.

Due to improper functioning of the Meibomian glands in the eyelids, the quality of the lipid layer that seals the tear film deteriorates, leading to increased evaporation on the eye surface. The appearance of dry eye symptoms can be influenced by various factors: climate, dry air, smoke, dust, environmental effects. Eye drops revitalize tired, irritated eyes.

Types of Dry Eyes

Depending on the type of dry eyes, ophthalmic symptoms and objective signs may indicate aqueous-deficient, evaporative, or mixed-type dry eye diseases.

Eye drops for treating dry eyes

These types of eye drops serve to temporarily relieve the burning sensation and irritation caused by dry eyes. If you experience persistent discomfort in your eyes, or severe tearing, visual disturbances, or for example, redness of the eyes, discontinue use of the eye drops and consult an ophthalmologist, as the condition may worsen.

If the symptoms do not improve or go away after a few days, then be sure to see a specialist.

Eye Drop Categories

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Regenerating eye drops, usable after injuries or surgery

Eye drops for dry eyes

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Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can range from mild to severe. Symptoms of dry eyes may include: eye pain, headache, squinting, blurred vision, fatigue of the eyes, muscle cramps. In our webshop, eye drops for dry eyes are available in various sizes.

For the treatment of mild symptoms caused by dry eyes, you can choose from several types of eye drops and artificial tears. Please always read the instructions of the selected product before use.

Like all medicines, eye drops can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them. Occasionally, blurred vision, mild inflammation of the conjunctiva (irritation), pupil dilation may occur, local reactions (burning sensation, redness, swelling, pain, itching of the eye and surrounding area) may appear at the site of application. Excessive, frequent use may cause burning, stinging sensation.

The use of eye drops and artificial tears provides quick help in treating mild symptoms, but if local reactions persist, blurred vision does not improve, or if eye redness does not subside, please consult a specialist.

In severe conditions, special attention must be paid to avoiding possible conjunctivitis. The most common sign of conjunctivitis is redness of the eye. This is followed by strong tearing, discharge, eye itching, and in more severe cases, pain and a sensation of a foreign body in the eyes. If you have conjunctivitis (bacterial infection of the eye), eye drops can also be purchased without a prescription, but if the problem is serious, it is worth consulting a doctor and using the medications prescribed by them.

In our range, you can also find preservative-free eye drops. It is important to follow the instructions of the ophthalmologist, as well as the product's usage guide for proper application. Side effects can occur even when using eye drops and artificial tears

Ordering Eye Drops Online

When shopping online, if you are a returning customer, you can reorder your previous order with just one click upon logging into your profile. Choose from discounted eye drop products and buy your favorite eye drop or artificial tear brand.