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Cat-eye sunglasses



Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are most suitable for round faces, triangular faces, and heart-shaped faces.

1. Round faces are characterized by soft curves and smooth lines, with the width of the face being roughly the same between the jawline and the forehead. In round face shapes, the chin is usually rounded with very few angles. When selecting cat-eye sunglasses for a round face, the most important thing is to choose frames that add angles to the round shape of the face. Thick, angular frames with clean lines complement round face shapes very well.

2. For triangular face shapes, there is a strong and wider jawline with a narrower cheekbone and forehead: these features define the triangular face shape, which is essentially the inverted version of a heart shape. This shape often exudes energy and dynamism.

3. Heart-shaped faces have the widest point on the forehead, narrowing down to the chin. This face shape can be either long or round and often gives the wearer a sweet and cheerful appearance

Cat Eye Sunglasses Collection

The shape and type of frame for sunglasses are essential considerations when making a purchase. We understand that choosing the right sunglasses is not easy, which is why we assist you in selecting the right sunglass shape with a virtual mirror.

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