Our customers benefit from the following guarantees.


Genuine products guarantee


At eOpticians, we are the leading licensed distributors of contact lenses from the world's largest manufacturers. These European and American medical companies have decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing contact lenses. We only sell lenses in their original factory sealed boxes, and which are in common use in multiple countries around the world.



Free shipping


We deliver all orders over £40 free of charge. We currently make our deliveries through the post (registered mail delivered by Royal Mail), and are looking forward to adding courier delivery options soon.



Lowest price guarantee (120%)


We offer the most affordable prices in the United Kingdom for our products, and constantly update our prices to reflect the lowest rates on the market. Should you find the products you would like to buy from us to be cheaper on any UK website, please contact us for a credit of 120% of the price difference. (This ensures that we automatically remain the cheapest option. Thank you for keeping an eye on the market for us!)

This guarantee only applies to lenses available on our website which can be bought at a UK opticians’ or website for a price below ours before you make a purchase. Please write us an email at mentioning the products you are interested in buying, the link of the competitors and we will send you a coupon code that you can use when placing the order.

How can our products be so cheap? As a matter of fact, contact lenses and supplies are cheap. Simply put, have been paying far too much for many years, just to cover your old retailer's high costs. We have systematically scraped away most of our operational costs through automation, process redesign and massive purchasing volumes in order to offer you the lowest possible prices. We believe such efficiency is the future of eye care retail.



Full one year returns guarantee


We offer a full one year no fuss, no questions asked guarantee for all our customers. Should you wish to return any item purchased in the past 12 months, simply drop us a line and we will arrange for the returns and refunds. All boxes returned must be unopened and in their original condition. We refund the gross amount you paid for your lenses via the payment method you used.

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