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GUESS Sunglasses: An American Brand's Journey to Global Fame

The GUESS brand was founded 40 years ago by the French Marciano brothers (Georges, Maurice, Armand, and Paul Marciano) following a family vacation in Los Angeles in 1981. They started with designing denim garments, and today they have become one of the world's most iconic fashion industry players. They have more than 1500 retail stores worldwide. Their offerings include various clothing collections, perfumes, shoes, and other accessories, including glasses and sunglasses.

Sunglasses are attractive wear for every generation, as there are GUESS women's sunglasses, GUESS men's sunglasses, and children's sunglasses models, so everyone can find products that best fit their style. GUESS sunglasses are very comfortable, fashionable, and of excellent quality. They can make their wearers stand out from the crowd, as many models are decorated with rhinestones and other jewels on the frames.

GUESS Sunglasses

Discover our optical store's collection of hundreds of original GUESS glasses and sunglasses, and find the most suitable pieces for you. For even more GUESS sunglasses models, visit the GUESS by Marciano sunglasses page.

Guess Men's Sunglasses Collection

The Guess men's sunglasses collection pieces particularly represent sporty elegance. They are a perfect choice for every occasion.

Guess Women's Sunglasses, Guess Men's Sunglasses

In the Guess men's sunglasses collection, you can find round frames, square frames, oval frames, panto shapes. In terms of frame material, you can choose between metal and plastic products.

What Makes a Good Sunglass?

There are three important factors that a pair of sunglasses must meet to provide optimal protection for our eyes against harmful UV radiation. The soul of the sunglasses is primarily the lens, which must meet the following characteristics. Most importantly, UV-filtering sunglasses must filter out 100% of harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers (UV 400 sunglasses). Thus, our eyes are safe from ultraviolet radiation. All our GUESS men's and women's sunglasses models meet this criterion.

The second important element for a good pair of sunglasses is that they provide adequate visual comfort, even in very strong sunlight, thus protecting against glare and blinding light rays. Finally, it is important that we see a high-quality, contrasted image when looking out from behind our sunglasses. If these three conditions are met, we can be sure that we have chosen the right sunglasses.

GUESS Sunglasses Sale

There are many optical product-selling online shops, but it is important to purchase only from reliable, verifiable sources. Our webstore only sells original products and guarantees their authenticity.

Our online store offers one of the largest selections of contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, and monitor glasses in the country, where you can also find the most favorable GUESS women's sunglasses models. Our qualified and experienced opticians make your glasses, ensuring you receive the best quality products.

Guess by Marciano Sunglasses

Discover our optical store's collection of hundreds of original Guess sunglasses, and find the most suitable pieces for you. For more sunglasses models, visit the Guess by Marciano sunglasses page.

Guess by Marciano Glasses

The main features of Guess by Marciano glasses are colorful and elegant designs. In eOpticians' range, you can find brown, black, gold, pink, and purple-colored glasses frames. Guess by Marciano frames are innovative and suitable for expressing the most colorful personalities with their style.

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