Carrera sunglasses


Carrera Sunglasses: Style and Quality at the Best Price

Carrera is undoubtedly one of the most successful and popular eyewear and sunglasses brands in the world, founded by Wilhelm Anger in 1956 in Austria. Carrera originally got its name from the legendary Carrera Panamericana road rally, considered one of the most dangerous car races, which traversed the entire length of Mexico. Initially, the company's product range consisted of motorcycle and ski helmets, but later expanded to include sports sunglasses, optical eyeglass frames, and sunglasses.

One of the brand's major breakthroughs came when Anger patented Optyl in 1964, an extremely durable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic material capable of providing better elasticity and size stability than any other plastic. The impact of Optyl on the industry is still felt today, as most high-end sunglasses are still made from this material.

Another significant step for the brand came in 1974 when the company's name changed to CARRERA International and relocated to Traun. At that time, Carrera sunglasses were already visible at almost every major sporting event, such as Formula 1 or the Winter Olympics. It's no wonder that their sporty, elegant, yet understated sunglasses quickly garnered deserved attention.

Carrera sunglasses

Carrera Men's Sunglasses - Elegance, Style

The Carrera men's sunglasses collection presents a strong design language every season. The men's sunglasses models always symbolize strength and elegance. They are a perfect choice for every age group and every occasion.

The Carrera eyeglass frames and sunglasses models are crafted with innovative, premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship, making them perfect for any style, occasion, or face shape. Browse through our selection of Carrera men's sunglasses and Carrera women's sunglasses, and find the models that best suit you, now at a truly favorable price.

Carrera Sunglasses at the Best Price

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Carrera Eyeglasses

A Carrera eyeglass frame is a good choice for every occasion, whether it's business, elegant events, or the practical aspects of everyday life. The wide range of Carrera men's eyeglasses is waiting for gentlemen, and of course, they haven't forgotten about the ladies, as Carrera women's eyeglasses models are also part of the selection.

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