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Blink eye drops

The natural way the body replenishes the tear film and provides relief from dryness is by blinking. Unfortunately, blinking is sometimes not enough for those that suffer from dry eye syndrome and those that work long hours on the computer. Therein comes the solution, Blink eye care drops. Blink drops are sterile lubricating solutions that assist the body to recapture natural relief of the eye in a blink.

Johnson & Johnson produced blink eye drops as protective eye drops ideal for patients suffering from mild to moderate dry eyes. It has provided with Blink, an array of products for your eye care needs including a solution for contact lens wearers. Some of blink dry eye drops are listed below:

Blink Contacts eye drops are specially designed for contact lens users both soft or RGP contacts. It comes in a 10ml bottle which provides instant moisture that soothes and lubricates the eye For convenience sake, it also comes in a single-use vial (blink contact vials) which are portable with a 0.35ml dosage of the solution in each vial. Blink Contacts are safe for daily use and it works with the eye’s natural tears to provide relief to the eye.

Blink Tears Lubricating eye drops provides long-lasting dry-eye relief and immediate comfort upon application. It comprises of a soothing formula that lubricates the eye and reduces blurry vision. It also comes in a preservative-free sterile single-use vial with all blink tears advantage as well as formulated without a preservative.

Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops is one of blink eye drops for contact lenses, it hydrates the eye and contact lens by preventing protein and lipids build up also removing debris that may cause irritation to the eyes. This eye drop promotes clean lenses during usage and reduces lens friction in the eye. Soft and RGP lens wearers can use this drops.

Blink Intensive Tears eye drops is an advanced lubricating eye drops that is formulated with a moisture retaining combination that includes polyethylene glycol 400 and sodium hyaluronate (a lubricant that is produced naturally by the eye in response to eye surface damage) which improves the stability of the tear film and controls inflammation. It provides long-lasting relief and prevents blurry vision. This blink contacts soothing eye drops provide a gentle way to treat occasional dryness of the eye, it comes in a portable 10ml bottle and its safe for use with contact lenses. Ocupure, a compound that emulates the composition of the eye natural tears is one of blink intensive tears ingredients, it moisturizes the eyes and provides relief due to dryness caused by prolonged lens wearing. There are a number of good blink intensive tears review by users which makes it a trusted product.

How to use Blink drops: Instill 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed or as directed by your eye care professional.