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Sunglasses have become an integral part of our everyday wear as they are fashionable, simple, and affordable accessories that can be used regardless of the season. Besides being a great fashion item, they play a significant role in protecting the eyes and especially the surrounding area from UV radiation. Every pair of sunglasses in our webshop's range ensures UV protection, thus providing adequate protection for your eyes.

Check out our complete range of promotional sunglasses online, and order your favorite models with just a few clicks, possibly with the help of an online glasses trial. Several renowned brands offer excellent sunglasses available in the eOpticians webshop. We have Oakley sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses (including Aviator sunglasses), Polaroid sunglasses, Versace sunglasses, Guess sunglasses and Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses as well.

Sunglasses - Stylish, and they even protect our eye health

It is beneficial that various world-famous designers and fashion houses spare no time and energy to dream up new collections according to current fashion, as this way a pair of sunglasses can become a tool of self-expression. However, we must not forget its most important function, which is to protect our eyes.

The main task of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The harmful effects of UV radiation can be listed at length, and besides our skin, our vision is most exposed to danger because of it. Moreover, it penetrates clouds, so it can cause problems even when the sun is not blazing. The cornea of our eyes filters out most of these harmful rays, but it's important to know that high or prolonged UV radiation can indeed damage the eyes. If we do not provide proper protection, we increase the possibility of inflammations, cataracts, and ultimately various degenerations.

However, the solution is obvious: buy good quality sunglasses with UV filtering. To minimize risks, we can try to avoid sun exposure between 10 and 15 hours, wear a cap or hat with a visor, but undoubtedly the safest is to wear a pair of UV-filtered sunglasses. Therefore, when buying sunglasses, always look for the UV 400 indication because it ensures the right protection for the eyes.

Good Sunglasses

Three important factors must be met by sunglasses to ensure optimal protection for our eyes against harmful UV radiation. The soul of the sunglasses is primarily the lens, which must meet the following properties. The most important is to filter out 100% of harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers (sunglasses with UV 400 indication). This way, our eyes are safe against Ultraviolet radiation.

The second important element for good sunglasses is to ensure proper visual comfort for us, even in very strong sunlight, therefore protect against glare and blinding light rays. Finally, it is important that when looking from behind our sunglasses, we see a quality, contrasty image. If these three conditions are met, we can be sure that we have chosen good sunglasses.


Which Sunglasses Frame Shape Should We Choose?

When selecting the frame shape of sunglasses, it is worth considering what we want to use them for. For everyday use, we can choose from smaller forms, classics, to even extremely large-sized sunglasses. It's important to choose a frame that is most comfortable for us, fits well to our face. Preferably choose sunglasses sizes that cover the area around our eyes as well.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses lenses filter out horizontally arriving blinding light rays, such as light reflecting from water, ground, various surfaces, reducing glare and thus providing us with a much better vision experience. It is an excellent choice for sports, driving, walking, or even fishing.

Sunglasses Promotion at eOpticians

There are many online shops selling optical products, but it's important to only buy from reliable, verifiable places. We only trade original products, for which we guarantee authenticity. Choose from our exceptional range of women's, men's, and children's sunglasses.

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