Optive Fusion (10 ml)

Eye drops
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Optive Fusion
Unit size
10 ml
Can be used after opening
6 months
Artificial tears
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Optive Fusion® eye drops by Allergan not only lubricates the surface of the eye but also offers instant relief to dry, irritated and gritty eyes.

The active ingredients combined in Optive Fusion™ are hyaluronic acid (HA, a natural component of tears that brings hydration), carmellose sodium (CMC, a lubricant that reduces water loss) and glycerin (a non-blurring, long-lasting protective moisturizer).

Benefits of Optive Fusion:

  • Compatible for use with contact lenses
  • Lubricates the surface of the eye
  • It may be used as a protectant against further irritation due to dry eyes
  • Restores the eye surface damage


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