Sensitive Eyes (15 ml)

Eye drops
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Bausch & Lomb
Unit size
15 ml
Can be used after opening
90 days
Artificial tears
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Sensitive Eyes lens lubricant is a gentle and effective eyedrop for soft contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes.

Sensitive Eyes Lens Lubricant by Bausch & Lomb effectively lubricates and rewets soft contact lenses during wear providing comfort to the eye and helps prevent film deposit build-up on your lenses. Ideal drops for sensitive eyes and lubricating extended wear or disposable lenses for a clearer and more comfortable lens wear.
Good lubrication is important for contact lens comfort and sensitive eye drops provides a solution as it can be used when your lenses becomes dry and uncomfortable, add the drops in your eyes while wearing lenses to hydrate your lenses and soothe your eyes.

Features of Bausch & Lomb - Sensitive Eyes Lubricant:

  • Soothes the eyes while wearing soft contact lens
  • Available in 15ml bottle
  • Gentle and effective lubricant that provides moisturizing comfort
  • Removes and prevents film deposit build-up


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