Berkeley computer glasses 604 F
Berkeley computer glasses 604 F

Berkeley computer glasses 604 F

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Intense computer and mobile phone use can be very tiring on your eyesight. Computer glasses can help reduce eye fatigue and prevent possible vision loss.

These blue-light-filtering monitor glasses are made with a plastic/metal frame and optical-quality blue-light filtering lenses polished by our opticians. The glasses can be purchased with no dioptres (0.00) or, for an extra charge, with normal thickness lenses between -3.00 and +3.00 dioptres and with thinned lenses between -3.25 and 6.00, +3.25 and +6.00 dioptres. To order dioptres, please select dioptres from the drop-down menu, then select your PD. You will find this information on your vision test result or you can measure your PD yourself. If you need assistance, please contact us at

What glasses can we make for you from this frame?

  • Distance glasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Computer glasses
  • Single-vision glasses
  • Fashion glasses with non-dioptric lens
  • Work glasses

How to search (and buy) glasses online?

1. Choosing a frame
First, choose your glasses frame. It is a good idea to first filter the range of frames on the glasses page by "Frame width". This will show you the frames that are right for you. You can further refine your results by other criteria. Finally, click on the frames you like best and view the details.

2. Entering your prescription
On the page for the glasses you want to order, first, select your dioptres. If you need glasses with a cylinder, fill in this information together with the axis. Then enter the PD value. Finally, select whether you want a blue light protection layer
In our webshop we sell two types of lenses: the EyeTech Biolar lens is a general purpose, high quality lens with SHMC layers (e.g. scratch protection, anti-reflective, water repellent layers) and UV protection. The EyeTech BlueShield has the same features, and in addition, it also has "blue light protection". If both eyes have a dioptre below +/- 3.00 dioptres, we automatically add the 1.56 ("single-thinning") lenses to your order, and 1.67 (triple-thinning) lenses for dioptres above this. Our webshop currently only sells single-focus (non-progressive) glasses.

What happens after you place your order online?
After you order your dioptric glasses online, you will also receive an automatic email from our webshop with an estimated dispatch date (this depends on whether your frames and lenses are in stock). You will then receive a further email to let you know when your order is ready to be dispatched, followed by an email with the tracking number of your order. Upon receiving the order, if you notice any problems, please let us know. You can also benefit from our 15-day money-back guarantee, just return the glasses to us with all the accessories you received. We will refund both the frame and the lens. For more details about the return process, please contact us at If you are happy with your glasses, tell your family and friends! :)

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