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Optive eye drops

The Optive eye drops range by Allergan is considered to be the #1 doctor recommended brand of artificial tears. Artificial tears can be explained as lubricant eye drops used to relief dry eyes and irritation due to exposure to the sun, wind, computer use, and insufficient tear production.

All Optive drops range are CMC-Based Artificial Tears. CMC or Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (eye lubricant) is a substance present in all optive eye drops ingredients, it repairs, protects the eye surface and promotes the reduction of dry eye symptoms by increasing the viscosity and residence time of tears. eOpticians provides a pretty affordable optive eye drops price, therefore you would not need to “break the bank” to purchase these optive tears.

Optive lubricant eye drops contain a dual action formula that lubricates and provides osmoprotection to the eye cornea by moisturizing the eye surface cells. It also contains PURITE, a mild non-sensitizing preservative that eventually dissolves into the components of natural tear of the eyes. Those that suffer from mild-moderate dry eye would find this eye drop suitable for them. It is also branded as refresh optive drops and comes in a convenient multi-dose 3ml, 15ml, and 30ml bottle. It should be discarded 6 months after opening.

Optive Fusion eye drops lubricate the surface of the eyes and offer temporary relief to dry, gritty and irritated eyes. It contains a combined active ingredient of hyaluronic acid (a natural tear component that provides hydration), glycerin (long-lasting protective moisturizer) and carmellose sodium (lubricant that minimizes water loss) which in addition to their function restores the eye surface damage. Furthermore, optive fusion is compatible for use with contact lenses.

Optive Plus eye drops is a triple action lubricating solution that lubricates, protects the eyes natural tears with a lipid enhancement and provide osmoprotection. Optive Plus contains extra oiled components which enhances comfort. It is recommended for those that suffer from moderate to severe dry eye as it provides long-lasting comfort. It is important to note that Optive Plus cannot be used while wearing contact lenses.

Optive drops also come in preservative-free formulas that relieve discomfort due to dry eyes and protects against further irritation. Some of optive preservative free eye drops are Optive Advanced, Optive Fusion and Optive Sensitive. It is to be noted that optive preservative free drops range are available as single-use vials and not in a bottle.

Optive eye drops dosage: squeeze 1-2 drops in the affected eye(s) or as needed.